Keith Gormezano - Intuit Premier Reseller
What I Can Do For You

As a QuickBooks consultant and Intuit Premier Reseller, I can help you solve some of the following common accounting software, bookkeeping issues and problems after you have sent me an e-mail with a summary of what you want to accomplish, your contact information, and calling me at 206-789-8328 and leaving a message afterwards. I can help you with the following:

  • Help you pick and provide the right QuickBooks desktop program (there are 11 (Pro for Windows, QuickBooks for the Mac, Premier including its sub categories [Contractor, Retail, Professional Services, NonProfit, Manufacturing & Wholesaling, and Accountant], Point of Sale (usually used to track the sale of inventory and/or in a retail environment), and Enterprise) or Online (including Simple Start, Essential, and Plus) for your business as well as integrated credit card processing and payroll that can save you or your staff time.

    I also try to avoid overselling a product. For example, for one customer, I encouraged them to switch from a more profitable to me and more costly to them product to something I had a lower profit on.

    I can provide a link to download a 30 day trial of QuickBooks Enterprise which is similar to Pro or Premier if you don't have it and want to practice before I come out. I may be able to provide an older 30 day trial verision of QuickBooks Premier for the PC or the Mac version to try out.

  • Use my Intuit Solution Provider status to quickly obtain your Mac, Pro, Premier, and Online software in as few as 24-48 hours depending on the day of the week, POS hardware and software, Enterprise Solutions software, or other services such as payroll or credit card processing so you can be up and running.

    In some cases, I am lower than Intuit or can sell you their software at my cost when you have hired me on a case by case basis or have applied for their no monthly fee or minimum charge pay as you go credit card processing plan for those inconvenient times when a customer has forgotten their checkbook and you need the money in your bank quickly.

    Why fight traffic to run to the store and waste your time standing in line when I can bring your QuickBooks software or other services to you via the Internet and a backup CD via USPS/FedEx/DHL/UPS?

  • Help you to convert your QuickBooks company files from other software programs such as Peachtree, Microsoft Small Business and Office Professional or Express Accounting or provide a link to convert it from MYOB. For Quicken, I can help you with converting Money into Quicken providing you do some set up steps.

  • Set-up your initial financial Chart of Accounts applicable to your business (something software can't personally provide) including bank, petty cash, employee advances, fixed assets and other assets, credit cards, loans, payroll and sales tax payable, and other liabilities, taxable and non taxable sales or services, billing rates, custom prices, fixed or nut expenses (the bills you have to pay every month) versus variable and setting up tax lines for most accounts to make it easier to file your income tax returns and save on your accountant's fees.

  • Explain why your chart of accounts should be numbered and when you should use classes if you are tracking real estate rentals, store or sales locations, or other situations.

  • Set up your accounting software for On-line Banking for real-time knowledge on where your account balances currently are at including some credit cards (unless you like to pay over limit and NSF fees).

    However you are responsible before hiring me to confirm with your financial institution that they offer downloads into QuickBooks or Quicken for PC or Mac retroactively or from a specified date forward or in a format that you can import into your company or data file.

    You can start addressing these issues by sending me an e-mail with a summary of what you want to do, your contact information, and calling me at 206-789-8328 and leaving a message afterwards.

  • The proper way to record personal credit card charges so you can reimburse yourself and how to make yourself a vendor in QuickBooks.

  • Show you how to turn on certain accounting preferences in QuickBooks related to your business which in some cases can save you data entry time.

  • Establish correct service, inventory, noninventory, or other charge items, payments (which you can show on your invoices or sales receipts if you wish), discounts (and why you need to use subtotals), sales tax items classes, and adjusting Inventory (and if you sell informing you why it is important to keep track of your shipping costs).

  • Using custom billing rates in certain versions of Premier or higher for employees and creating custom price levels for products and services tied to a customer or just plain price levels.

  • Using integrated third party applications available from the Intuit App Marketplace or third parties to keep you using the software instead of outgrowing it.

  • Discuss iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, and Blackberry applications such as GoPayment, PayPal Here, Square, and Groupon's Breadcrumbs to accept credit cards, QuickBooks mobile connect which lets you keep a list of customers so you can create estimates, invoices, and sales receipts and receive payments in the field, Expensify or Concur for your traveling employees or officers, and other applications available from the the appropriate marketplace. I can show you them on my iPod touch, iPad, Android cell phone and Asus Tablet.

  • Job Costing and Estimates (and explaining how to convert your estimates into an invoice) - Very useful if you are a contractor concerned about job costing.

  • Bank, Petty Cash, Credit Card, and other Account Reconciliation.

  • Bill and Credit Card Posting including matching up net credit card receipts to charges.

  • Show you how to design your own customized Estimates, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Packing Slips, or Sales Receipts with your company logo. And yes, you can e-mail them using desktop and web based e-mail services depending on your year and version of QuickBooks.

  • Demonstrate the proper way to receive and deposit advance and customer payments and apply them to invoices.

  • Teach you how to track income for two or more different B&O rates (such as retailing and services) and file your City & State B&O and Sales Taxes. Washington State requires that you charge sales tax based on where the sale, delivery, or transaction took place. I can show you how to import all 343 sales taxes or just those you need such as King, Snohomish, and Pierce County cities.

    You can start the process by sending me an e-mail with your contact information, a list of your problems or what you want to achieve, and leaving a message at 206-789-8328 after e-mailing me.

  • Discuss whether or not to use ADP, PayChex, or Intuit Basic, Enhanced, Assisted, and Online Payroll and direct deposit through QuickBooks whether you have one five, 18, or 35 employees. I can also obtain Intuit Payroll products for you. If we have time, I try to go over some payroll tax credit programs. Three of my clients stand to save up to $9,000 in payroll taxes over a two-year period. Wouldn't you like to be number four?

  • Use QuickBooks to track your various federal and state tax liabilities (wouldn't you rather know that you need to allocate X dollars for them then find out at the end of a quarter?) as well as prepare your Payroll Forms (Unemployment, Worker’s Comp, & IRS) and pay them online.

  • Filing and organizational advice to keep your financial and office files in shape (such as using color tabs for certain types of files such as green for customers, blue for vendors, etc.).

  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly, and year end management financial reports including profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow predictions, and who are your most profitable customers or job productivity.

  • Showing you how to use the new Certified QuickBooks Users Program or the Sleeter Program to test your existing employees knowledge of the program or to verify prospective job candidates bookkeeping, accounting, and QuickBooks skills or if you are an employee, use the certification test in the program to argue for a pay increase as you have had your skills independently confirmed.

  • You can start pushing the ball uphill by sending me an e-mail with a summary of what you want to do, your contact information, and calling me at 206-789-8328 and leaving a message.