Keith Gormezano - Intuit Premier Reseller
Previous Work Related Experience

For about two and a half years, I was the former operations and office manager with a "cents" of humor for Stuart Silk Architects, recipient of 9 AIA Awards that did around $2 million a year in business, had 15-18 employees, and a 22-30% profit margin. I was responsible for the company paying for employees health insurance starting on their first day. If you want to know why I thought it was in the company's interest to do so, please contact me.

During my two and half years with the professional services firm, I was invited to speak about my experiences with QuickBooks and office management issues including payroll at my professional association's national convention.

Previously, I was a career temporary (administrative assistant) for seven years, securities arbitrator, real estate agent, VISTA volunteer for Solid Ground (formerly Fremont Public Association), and patient financial and collections representative for the University of Washington and Harborview Medical Center (I helped people with their bills and wrote off $900,000 of them) and am an Outward Bound graduate.

All you have to gain and support your self-confidence and self-respect by making your bookkeeping and accounting software program work for you, instead of the other way around. My goal is to help teach you how to make your own financial bread for yourself and work myself out of a job except for regular checkups (and hopefully, lots of referrals from you!)

Volunteer Experience

I currently serve on the board of Ravenna Woods, a 39 unit FHA approved creekside condominium association (with units occasionally coming up for sale, hint, hint) in Northeast Seattle and served as Treasurer of the Seattle Community Network Association, a free ISP from 2013-2016.

Outside Interests (aka Fun)

I sometimes hike without the ten essentials, smile, enjoy riding steam trains (yes, there are several within a day's driving distance), visiting historical museums and towns, used to like the Dirk Pitt books, rarely met a two for one Entertainment, Chinook Book, or Passport Dining coupon that I didn't like and tip on the original amount, and shopping in sales tax free Oregon.