Keith Gormezano - Intuit Premier Reseller
Are you facing some of these QuickBooks problems?

  • Do you need a QuickBooks consultant that you can easily contact by e-mail with a summary of what you need done, your problems, the year and/or version of the software you are using, and your contact information, and then calling them at 206-789-8328 afterwards and leaving a message to organize or set up your new business or start up's financial records and chart of accounts in the program (PC or Mac)? And getting a call back within 24-48 hours?

  • Do you understand the importance of setting up items (the products or services you sell) correctly, what they are, and how they are used in the program? Do you understand how to use them to track both income and expenses and for job costing?

  • Has your bookkeeper recently left and you'd like a second opinion on how to manage your bookkeeping system and to review what they did? Want to test the next one you plan to hire? I can provide tests through a professional group that I am a member of.

  • Is your "undeposited funds" account growing each day?
    When you run a profit and loss report, does is say your income is double your sales?

  • Is your sales tax payable account increasing each month?
    Do you know the proper way to pay your sales tax in the program?
    Do know why you should track the sales tax paid to vendors for products you later resell?
    Do you know how to pay your state B&O tax correctly? And it isn't by writing a check.

  • Does your A/R and A/P seem to low or "wrong"?
    When you take a customer deposit, do you simply receive a payment?

  • When you run a profit and loss report, does it agree with your bank deposits and customer sales?

  • Have you s l o w l y come to the realization that you don't know how to use your financial accounting and bookkeeping software and it is affecting your bottom line, your relationships, and your sleep?

    I can probably help. You can start the process by sending me an e-mail with your contact information, a list of your problems or what you want to achieve, and leaving a message at 206-789-8328 after e-mailing me. I usually reply to e-mails or phone calls by the end of the day or within 24-48 hours.

  • Is your company file s l o w to open or respond?
    Does it take forever to start, load reports, and process transactions?

  • Do you know the proper way to backup your company file? And no, copying it to an external hard drive or online "backup" such as Carbonite or Mozy isn't a good idea.

  • Have you wondered if using the online banking or bank feeds feature is a time saver when reconciling your bank and credit card accounts?

  • Would you like to find out how much you earned from each customer or job and how much you had to spend to earn that revenue?

  • Does the thought of spending time doing the financial side of your business send you into a depression or make you overeat?

  • Would you rather make more money doing what you do best rather than dealing with the Castor Oil of paperwork?

  • Are you embarrassed by the state of your books (don't worry, I've seen worse)?

  • Have you thought about taking a QuickBooks class (presuming you can get into the class, unemployed job seekers have the same idea) but don't want to fight traffic to get to one and turn away billable clients, because you have to be somewhere you'd rather not be, sit in a sweaty, crowded classroom filled with strangers and be expected to talk about your personal financial issues as part of class participation. Or worse, the class will never talk about what you need to know (like job costing, payroll, or complex inventory issues) or address your issues to help support you in your business.

  • Are you starting a retail store and need your Point of Sale system configured and integrated into your QuickBooks financial (PC) software?
I might be able to help. Like an old fashioned doctor (I even have a white lab coat and black doctor's bag, smile), I come to you in my "gas-guzzling, smile" Prius, on your schedule, and bring my class and one-on-one training session based on what you need to know to help support and meet your needs.

All you have to do is start the process by sending me an e-mail with your contact information, a summary or your problems or what you want to accomplish, and call me at 206-789-8328 at the end of the business day if you haven't heard back from me (I don't usually return phone calls when I busy with a client, it is only fair).

Has your company grown to the point where it would be nice to have someone, perhaps an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with 41 five star reviews and additional current certification in Intuit's Online, Point of Sale (POS), and Enterprise software (for middle market companies) like myself to come in on a regular basis  to help solve your QuickBooks problems as well as train, tutor, teach, support, and instruct you and your staff in QuickBooks® (for Windows or Mac), and assist you in your bookkeeping and financial reports and let you make more money by doing what you really enjoy doing?

Or would you rather sit in the dark?

Well, let's chat on the phone for up to 29 minutes free of charge about your new business or start up's needs, what would be the best QuickBooks software to use for your industry, what your problems are, what you would like me to accomplish, what I think I can do for you, and to bounce ideas off of.

After all, it can be pretty lonely starting, managing, or running a business.

We all need to talk about it with someone in the same boat. You can start the healing process by sending me an e-mail with your contact information, a list of your problems or what you want to achieve, and leaving a message at 206-789-8328. I reply to e-mails or phone calls within one to two business days.

You’ve hired an attorney, accountant, insurance agent, business coach, public relations expert, marketing, SEO expert and other professional consultants to help you set up, start, or manage or run your business.

Shouldn’t you hire someone to teach or train you how to effectively use the accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management software that you will be relying on to discover how well you are (or aren't) doing? Or generate an accurate profit and loss statement for your lender when you decide to expand or buy a competitor or another business?

Or would you rather walk in the dark with no financial lantern?