Keith Gormezano - Intuit Premier Reseller
Quicken Help, Support, Problem-Solving,
Trouble-shooting, Classes, or Training

If you use Quicken, I can help you with the following:

  • Help you decide between using Quicken Deluxe (the most popular with the ability to track your personal checking, savings, credit cards, property or assets, and loans), Quicken Premier (also comes with ability to track retirement, investments, stocks, and bonds), Quicken Home and Business (same as Premier and allows you to separate personal and business accounts and create invoices, business items, track sales tax, receive payments, and run business reports, Quicken Rental Property Manager, and Quicken Essentials or the old 2007 version for the Mac.

  • Learn how to add your bank account, credit card, line of credit, investments, retirement, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, house and car loans, and related assets and assets.

  • How to customize your account register preferences. Wouldn't you like to have the memo field follow the category? Or what about having your tax deductible categories be clearly marked as such?

  • How to correctly download your financial transactions and why you shouldn't follow the program default.

  • How to properly pay your bills, memorize or schedule them, and credit cards.

  • How to enter your regular paycheck and deductions and/or additions and why entering your net salary is a mistake.

  • How to set up, edit, modify, and assign categories to your transactions.

  • How to link or assign your categories to the tax lines on your 1040, Schedule C, or other forms so you can use the program with TurboTax.

  • How to run and customize reports that tell you how much you are making and spending and where.

  • How to set up and customize a budget.

  • How to customize your Quicken program including automatic backups when you exit the program.

What I Can't Do For My Quicken Clients

While I am able to solve about 99% of my client's problems or teach them, there are some that I can't. So I can't make any guarantees.

I can't guarantee that I will be able to fix your problems or teach you if they are due to the built in limits of your accounting, bookkeeping, or financial management software, operating system (for example, current versions of QuickBooks and Quicken work on Vista or higher but not Windows 95, 98SE, or 2000), financial institution, how you use third party software or hardware, exceeding the program limits of your program, network configuration, computer hardware such as not having enough RAM to run current versions of your programs, other computer software, or not having any of the previous updates to the latest release, version, or driver or your computer crashes, or expecting the program to do what it isn't designed to do.

I also sometimes can't fix issues when a client is not prepared for me. That means I expect you to have a working computer, keyboard, and mouse, Internet, sit patiently as I explain and take notes, be up to date in your operating system, Microsoft Office if you have it, Intuit software, have current antivirus and malware software, and have sent me a list of what you want to accomplish at least 24 hours before I come out and have any additional agenda items printed for me. I appreciate having a glass of water handy at our working area as I do talk a lot.