Keith Gormezano - Intuit Premier Reseller
What it Costs to Invest in My Skills
and What You can Save

And as for the question you've been wondering while you were reading this (very long, detailed, and informative according to some clients, a sleeping pill to others) web page, as an Intuit Premier Reseller, an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor (less than 11% of ProAdvisors have earned that distinction), certified in 10 years of QuickBooks products, with over 15 years of experience using QuickBooks overall, and additional voluntary certification in Intuit's Online, Point of Sale (POS), and Enterprise software (fewer than 5% of ProAdvisors are certified in all of Intuit's products), with 41 reviews on the Intuit Find a ProAdvisor website, 14 recommendations on LinkedIn, 22 five-star reviews on Yelp (12-14 filtered, sigh), and six on Angie's List where I was received their Super Service Award, a former "COO", and comfortable with both the PC and the Mac, I offer you three ways to use my experience helping others like you and my knowledge.

First, if you aren't sure how much time you will need or if you have a particular problem, or want me to help set up your start up company's books, review what you have done (doing it yourself does not always mean you did it right, why take the chance?), support, and bring my one-on-one class to train you in any version or year on an hourly basis for $150 plus travel time both ways with a one hour minimum and quarter hour increments rounded up thereafter as I come to you in Greater Seattle (usually defined as most of King and Snohomish Counties).

Travel time is waived if you come to me or book a three hour or longer session if you are located within a half hour drive time of my office or four hours if more than a half hour. Most folks need between three and four hours. Purchasing Intuit and third party products are another way to avoid this requirement.

Training can be for up to two persons from the same company or household at this rate. Please make sure we have adequate room to work. I recommend plenty of space to the left of your work place since I will be sitting on your right.

I reserve the right to require more time if I feel that your problem or the issues that you need to be solved require that additional time so you can learn how how to fish for yourself (or make Tofu if you are a vegan, smile), the freedom to sleep at night, and count dollars instead of sheep.

Enterprise Solutions software customers are required to name me their Solution Provider with Intuit before I can work on their file. I will provide the form and file it with the company.

I charge for any and all Quicken and QuickBooks advice, accounting and bookkeeping support, technical support, advice, or recommendation of any software or hardware products, product demonstrations (although I credit that time against the normal or regular purchase price if you buy from me or future consulting time), purchase advice, network assistance or support, research, in person meetings, and telephone, chat, and e-mail consultations after the intial telephone or e-mail consultation or session. I sometimes waive these charges when you have obtained Intuit or other products through me.

Billing is done by the quarter hour rounded up.

Second, if you don't want the hassle of going out and buying the software and want me to come out and show you how to install it and/or correctly upgrade from an earlier version and provide three consecutive hours on the same day of set-up, review, support, and/or training, then I can provide this time and a free copy of the most current QuickBooks Pro for the PC or the Mac for $695 and any version of Premier (I recommend the Accountant version, ask me why) for $795 plus a free application for Intuit's no monthly fee or minimum credit card processing to have for when clients "forget" their checkbook. I pay the cost of the software and sales tax. Additional hours are $150 an hour rounded up to the nearest quarter hour.

Or third, you can pay me $1,995 plus mileage at the standard IRS rates each way and any travel time as noted above, tolls, or parking fees and get one year of unlimited e-mail (preferred), phone, and in-person support, help, training in using the programs and one-on-one classes for each person using one company file in any version of QuickBooks or up to two people residing in the same household using Quicken.

One thing I do is allow my clients and I to try each other out and then apply that first or second session to that annual fee if we both agree that it would be a good fit and choice financially. However, I do not offer this special until I have worked with you.

Direct bookkeeping help or instruction, tax advice, payroll, credit card processing, and third party applications or providers are not part of this special as those last three providers provide their own support and the purpose of this special is to show you how to use your program and not do your work.