Keith Gormezano - Intuit Premier Reseller - Client Reviews

"Keith returned our call immediately (from 206-789-8328 but prefers that folks send him an e-mail with a summary of what you want to accomplish and your contact information first before leaving a message) and promptly arranged for a time to come out to our home office to help us "fix" our QB mess.

He explained up front how he could help us and what it would cost.

He helped us troubleshoot several problems that had been bugging us for the past year or two, including reconciling a credit card account, paying sales tax using the QB "pay sales tax" function and improving our expense categories.

He walked through our "Chart of Accounts" with us and suggested better ways to label accounts and categorize expenses. He gave us tips on how to better use the software to track our expenses.

He answered multiple questions we had about various QB features, including the reports. And he helped us migrate from an older version to QB 2010.

In the end, we spent about six hours with Keith and it was worth every penny. Keith was very professional and knowledgeable.

When he left, we felt that we were finally on the right track with our record keeping and could make better use of the software to help us improve our accounting."

"Keith is worth his weight in gold! As owner of a S Corp consulting firm, time is precious so I appreciated how efficiently he got me set up ... Keith patiently answered my questions and taught me how to most efficiently use this tool - which saved many hours preparing taxes today and lots of stress. He understands accounting for a small business.

When I first hired him, I took advantage of his three consecutive hour special. I later signed up for his unlimited set up, review, and training plan. It has been well worth it.

His training style is one of asking questions, providing examples of what to do or not do, and giving out homework for the next session or to fix the problem so you get maximum value for the money spent. I couldn't recommend Keith "Dr Quickbooks" more highly."

"Keith worked with me to help me understand how to classify (within QuickBooks) the various types of income and taxes that come in through my personal training business.

Because I provide a number of different fitness services, some which require me to collect sales tax, and others that don't, and each of them falling under different Washington state tax codes, Keith helped me figure out how to classify everything so that I am better prepared for tax season.

I was very stressed out after 9 months of categorizing sales tax incorrectly, but Keith met with me over coffee and in 30 minutes I had figured out how to correctly categorize and pay sales (and B&O) tax in Washington.

And even though our meeting was initially arranged to talk through this one big issue, Keith gave me some tips about how to more effectively and correctly utilize the software for all the business income and expenses I deal with."

"When our old computer crashed with a no longer supported version of quickbooks, Keith was extremely helpful, trying to get us back on our feet. While he unfortunately could not resurrect a dead computer, we were lucky enough to have his help with installing a newer version of quickbooks.

This was all done on a SATURDAY late afternoon / early evening over the phone. Needless to say, I was completely surprised when he answered not just one phone call, but multiple phone calls to 206-789-8328 - it is so rare to actually be able to get in touch with people that are in this support role on the weekends!! Being able to reach him on a Saturday, was a life-saver for our business!!"

Keith was able to help me with my QuickBooks for Mac question, how I was not able to download my financial information from the Washington Mutual website.

After asking a number of questions he was able to reassure me that the problem wasn't with QuickBooks but with Washington Mutual.

He hadn't heard of the problem I was having but after ending our phone conversation he went on line and found a link that gave detailed information on how to fix it.

He promptly sent that link to me."

"Keith provided excellent financial and small business advice to my wife who is considering working for herself as a 1099 contractor.

He advised her about two online resources to help her make the transition and recommended some books she might want to read.

Keith reminded her of the importance of knowing what your tax deductions are such as mileage. He discussed the need for getting a business license to support that (independent) status as well as how to determine using an IRS form when one is actually an employee versus a bona fide independent contractor.

Finally, he advised her how to calculate how much she would need to withhold from her future profits to pass on to the government.

Keith's advice was helpful, detailed, accurate, and very timely. I recommend Keith to anyone wanting expert and specific advice about the intricacies of starting your own business."

"Keith was fabulous at helping me with my photography business. I have been using Quickbooks for about 9 years. I was having trouble with my undeposited funds account. He was very efficient and thorough. Problem solved."

Our (accounting) practice focuses on providing administrative, financial, accounting and bookkeeping support to individuals, families, trusts and estates and small businesses. In most cases we are either creating, maintaining or supporting their accounting activity in Mac or Window's based Quicken or Quickbooks.

Occasionally, we find ourselves at a loss on how to make Quicken or Quickbooks do something. After exhausting the available help online, my thought is always to call Keith at 206-789-8328. On several occasions when I find myself doing battle with Quickbooks I speak with Keith and he generously, intelligently and simply walks me through the solution.

Most recently I was having a issue which Keith explained was a Quickbooks issue and described the work around.

If you need someone to help you navigate Quickbooks, or Quicken, need training or want staff trained Keith is your man. He is knowledgeable, personable, and easy to work with on projects."

"My Father used to say "The known is obvious and the unknown is profound". Keith turns the profound into the obvious for his customers.

I have used his financial management services several times in the past 2 years to set up and track my household income, investments, and spending in Quicken including putting the individual transactions into their appropriate categories including those related to taxes, how to go online to access my bank and credit card accounts to download transactions, and how to set up a budget and produce reports on spending patterns.

As a result, my wife and I were able to identify over $1,600 in monthly expenses that we could reduce or reallocate to other purposes.

Keith is very conscientious and detail oriented. He is careful to respect and listen to the needs and goals of individuals seeking a better financial knowledge and improve upon their current situation. He informed me of two positions that he heard about and thought that I was a good fit for.

His no frills approach and straight talk is a refreshing pleasure to work with and learn from. He is talented and has found an way or niche to use those talents in an industry where they are desperately needed.

His process is teaching a little, assigning homework, and teaching a little more insures we are not overwhelmed and can actually gain new skill sets and can use Quicken efficiently.

"Keith is very knowledgeable of Quickbooks and shows a genuine interest in clients needs. He listens well, works hard to understand and resolve issues. He is very bright which is a necessity when trying to understand how an individual has set up their business.

I needed someone who understood Quickbooks for the Mac - he was; most quickbooks experts are not... I would definitely recommend him to others!"

"Keith is very knowledgeable in accounting software QuickBooks which helped me to manage and organize my plumbing company.

He is very patient and detail oriented. Has an ability to reduce stress during his teaching especialy on a one on one basis."

"As an organizational development consultant - finance is definitely not my forte! Keith came to my home office and in just a few hours had my Quickbooks neat, correct, and prepped for tax season.

I feel more confident about my bookeeping and better able to manage my books and run reports after learning from Keith. I highly recommend his services."

"Keith is great. I called Keith several weeks prior to even buying the QuickBooks program (for my appraisal business).

Even before we began working together, Keith offered professional helpful advice from which version of QuickBooks to purchase to ideas regarding business structure and which laptop to buy.

He is a friendly approachable professional who really knows his work. I also appreciated his willingness to come to my home for the training sessions. If you need to get started in QuickBooks or ever thought how nice it would be to do your own bookkeeping - call Keith to get the best local training available. I highly recommend Keith."

"I like Keith because he doesn't play games. What you see is what you get and if you have problems, he does what it takes to get the answers. He's kind and patient, very understanding when it comes to stress and upset."

"We contacted Keith to get some one on one training with QuickBooks for our electrical contracting business.

From the beginning Keith clearly communicated what his rates were, and what we could expect from him for training. We were thrilled that we could have the convenience of in-home training for reasonable price.

"Keith scheduled us for an appointment and came to our home office prepared. By carefully listening to us he figured out what we needed exactly, and taught us tips and tricks to more effectively use QuickBooks for our business.

He was able to assist with invoice formatting, and showed quicker ways to enter information that was a real time saver. Since so many of the tasks are repetitive with QuickBooks streamlining the process really helps."

We were very happy with his services, knowledge and helpful attitude. A few days after our training we even received a follow-up email listing many helpful websites, and ways to promote our business. Not expected??? and some of this information has really paid off in a synergistic way with consistent effort."

I called Keith because he knows all things Quickbooks and also because he's located close to my massage practice in Wedgwood. He had the answers I was looking for regarding my current Quickbooks situation.

Don't waste your time googling for answers...give Keith a call!"

"I just did my first 1099 with Quickbooks and realized I was completely messed up! I couldn't get my form to print and I was three days away from an IRS deadline!

The first person I thought of was Keith, and thankfully, he was able to rescue me in the nick of time. He was very fast, sympathetic, and kind with me as I dealt with my system. I don't know what I would've done without his help!"

"In working with Keith, we have found that he can explain how to use QuickBooks to make bookkeeping much easier, faster, and simpler.

His extensive business and accounting experience enables him to understand the needs of a variety business types.

He is able to recommend unique and novel ways to solve both general business problems as well as the most efficient approaches when configuring and using QuickBooks.

Keith is much more than just a QuickBooks expert. His experience and skills go well beyond into many aspects of running a small business, whether they be sales and marketing, organizational issues, or accounting / bookkeeping.

I have found him to be very patient and easy to work with even with my limited knowledge and experience with accounting issues. I highly recommend Keith."

"Keith is so patient, and he never makes me feel foolish for my little QuickBooks snafus."

"Keith got me on the road to recovery within the first couple of minutes on the phone.

It seems my architectural publishing and land use consulting companies needed more than just my Quick Book Simple Start. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. Keith told me where I could get good prices on QuickBooks Pro and we met the next day.

He helped me map out a new accounting strategy, gave me marketing tips and general business counseling encouragement, all in less than an hour. Now I'm actually excited to set up my finances in QBP!

Thanks Keith for helping me fix my goofed up QuickBooks. I appreciate the tips and love knowing that my reports are now accurate.

"(We) needed help with transfering the item list from one company to another. He knew just how to do it and explained step by step in an email. Fast response also."

"I had specific questions about insurance adjustments. He has experience with medical practices and the unique tax/accounting problems. Very straight forward and helpful."

"Keith is fantastic! He was patient, thoughtful and creative in his efforts to help me find the best solutions for how to set up and manage my books and naturopathic medicine business via QuickBooks.

He helped me resolve a $2,100 discrepancy in my banking records and gain a more effective understanding of QB in the process. Through his help I have honestly been able to sleep better at night! I cannot recommend him enough.""

"Keith is very knowledgeable of QuickBooks and shows a genuine interest in clients needs. He listens well, works hard to understand and resolve issues. He is very bright which is a necessity when trying to understand how an individual has set up a business that is not one of the standard ones written in to Quickbooks.

I needed someone who understood QuickBooks for the Mac - he was. Most QuickBooks experts are not. I would definitely recommend him to others!"

"We run a small manufacturing and wholesale business. Earlier this year, we decided to upgrade our accounting system (to 2009) and realized we needed to find someone with more QuickBooks experience than we had.

In working with Keith, we have found that he can explain how to use QuickBooks to make bookkeeping much easier, faster, and simpler. His extensive business and accounting experience enables him to understand the needs of a variety business types.

He is able to recommend unique and novel ways to solve both general business problems as well as the most efficient approaches when configuring and using QuickBooks. Keith is much more than just a QuickBooks expert.

His experience and skills go well beyond into many aspects of running a small business, whether they be sales and marketing, organizational issues, or accounting / bookkeeping.

I have found him to be very patient and easy to work with even with my limited knowledge and experience with accounting issues. I highly recommend Keith."

Keith fixed my mistake within 20 minutes of arriving. This mistake had been in my Quickbooks since 2005 and I was very relieved to have it fixed. If I had gone to my accountant to have it fixed the price would have been 3 fold."

"I had the opportunity to meet Keith at a Biznik-hosted tax planning workshop. He was very knowledgeable in answering my questions about how to use QuickBooks Pro for my marketing and PR service to small businesses and nonprofits as well as approachable. He clearly knows his stuff."

"I was using Quickbooks to keep track of rental properties. I had made some errors in the deposit screen and could not delete the errors. Keith was able to show me how to delete the errors as well as generally clean up and organize my entries more efficiently. The service and advice was excellent. He was able to explain things in detail with clear and concise explanations, but most importantly Keith is very calm and patient. I highly recommend him."

"I am now doing the books for my husbands general contractor company and I did not know how to set up Quickbooks.

I bought 'how-to" books and basically gave up.

I found Keith and he came and set up my program, entered all my tax information rates, and showed me how to get started.

The beauty is he made a house call and saw how I worked in my office and gave me (some) energy conservation tips. I would highly recommend Keith for any level of business as he can 'grade' his tips for you."

"I especially appreciated how (he) called me back within my timeframe which was less than 24 hours from when I had posted my request.

I was researching a problem for a client whom I was to see the following day, and getting a timely response from you meant I could get back to my client with the answer without delay!"

"Keith was very helpful. I had a bookkeeping client using Quicken 2010 and we ran across a reconcilation problem I had not seen before.

After an in-depth conversation with Keith on the phone, I learned we were doing everything right.

More importantly for this review is that I felt Keith had a good grasp of my problem and gave clear answers that enabled me to move forward to the next step in the trouble-shooting process."

"Keith was able to help me get my entire natural medicine/western medicine and supplement sales business up and connected with the business checking account and the credit card acceptance software in under 3 hours, teaching me the entire time how to use the system... with more professional receipts.

He was very patient, even when I could not remember my passwords! My business will be much easier to manage now, as my old software was inadequate for my more successful business."

Keith arrived at my office on time and ready to teach. He came to assist my sister and I with the reconcilliation portion of invoicing and deposits into the account. Keith was very knowledgable about both the QB's, as well as computers in general.

He was very helpful to us, and I appreciated his patient approach, and willingness to meet us where we were at regarding our level of skill. I would highly recommend Keith for assistance with Quickbooks!

Keith is fantastic! He was patient, thoughtful and creative in his efforts to help me find the best solutions for how to set up and manage my books and (restaurant) business via Quickbooks. He helped me to gain a more effective understanding of QB and it has honestly helped me to sleep at night. I cannot recommend him enough."

"Keith was very helpful in helping me set up my Quickbooks.

I run my Web Design business as an LLC (electing to be taxed) as an S corp, and there are some special scenarios I have questions about like how to pay subcontractors in China, healthcare as employee benefits.

Keith was quite knowledgeable in answering all my questions, and patient at explainations. As a result, I was not only able to clean up my books, but learn how to maintain it going forward."

I had a very productive session with Keith. He guided me through various helpful actions using my Quicken Home & Business as: adding a cash account for petty money, the proper way to record payments to credit cards, paying off loans, creating new and editing categories, distinguishing between business and personal transactions, adjusting preferences to better view transactions. He also gave me tips on how to save money on things personal and business related. I recommend him!"

"Being new to running a business like this, I wish I would have called Keith sooner. He was very informative, and was able to get me on the right track to being able to track where my money is coming from, and where it's going.

Schedule the 3 hour session. I scheduled the two hour session, and wish I could have scheduled four. I will be calling Keith back in the future to help make sure I am on the right path as far as how to enter everything properly. He was a great help."

"We had a few questions on how to get the best out of the inventory package of Enterprise. Keith did a wonderful job in streamlining functions. He helped us set up two other business operations for future activities. His suggestions were well received by the staff."

"Keith has been immensely helpful in setting up a functional accounting system for our non-profit religious organization.

This set-up has included solving problems left from our previous bookkeeper and basically training an in-house staff member (non-accountant) to build new systems and start from scratch.

Keith helped us establish a specialized chart of accounts, classes (for non-profit fund accounting), and items.

He automated the integration of QuickBooks with our external accounts so that we are able to download transactions from all of our financial institutions including PayPal transactions via Big Red, saving our staff hours of manual entry and potential mistakes.

Keith has been easily accessible to answer questions through e-mail and phone, and has spent many hours in-person to patiently train and support us. We highly recommend getting Keith on your side if you want your QuickBooks accounting to work for you, not against you!"

"Keith came to our physician’s office to help with various issues in QB. He answered questions in a concise and knowledgeable way. His kind and patient tutoring helped me navigate QB various idiosyncrasies in a more efficient way to complete bookkeeping tasks. We will ask for further assistance as needed. Great mentor!"

"I called Keith not knowing anything about him but I was referred to him as being the man who knows.

Let me tell you he KNOWS.

I had what I thought was a major problem and in two days he had it fixed and I was up and running again. Highly recommend him."

"I needed to transfer our desktop bookkeeping to QuickBooks Online.

There were many steps to the process and a professional whiz is what we needed, it was a complex set of tasks.

And that experience and knowledge was served beyond expectations by Keith with a patient and thoughtful process.

He came to our office, cleaned up lists and past transactions that needed proper accounting practices set, he taught tips to making better classifications, updated the version of our old QB program then updated the company books for the transfer.

Viola! Everything transferred beautifully. And it was a painless three hour process.

The price was reasonable and worthy the expert experience."

"Keith has been a remarkable resource for my small business and personal bookkeeping for over a year now.

His methodical problem solving approach and practical advice has resolved issues I thought were impossible and the way, provided efficiencies that have saved me significant amounts of time.

I would not hesitate to recommend Keith wholeheartedly!"

"I had a 3 hour session yesterday and was very satisfied.

As I suspected there are many operating nuggets that will now save lots of my time and maybe the process use full as a financial tool.

Quicken may look simple, but there is much to know to make it useful. Keith was knowledgeable and practical.

I intend to advance into budgeting and more reporting in another session.

Well worth the time and fees."

"I am experienced with Quicken and new to QB and QB POS.

I definitely do not have an accounting background, but am reasonably intelligent,

Keith was very helpful in showing what I needed to get started without overwhelming me.

I am sure I will need more training as I get up to speed, and I won't hesitate to call Keith again.

His flexibility in scheduling time is a big plus."

"I found Dr. Quick Books (Keith) last year when I was setting up QuickBooks for a client of mine. He is great!

He responded quickly, came to my house and answered all of my questions and more.

He just came to my rescue again this week with another client by helping me sort out which options and methods will work best for their needs.

He is quick to respond, very helpful and detailed and patient with his explanations. I highly recommend his services and know that I will be calling on him again.

It's so important to have resources like Keith, to get the help when and where you need it! Excellent customer service!"

"Help Me Obi Wan Kenobe! You're my only hope!

I found myself in a panic, trying to get an overdue report out and not having enough experience with Quicken to have my report balance correctly.

I had some concerns about the name "Dr. Quicken", but read the reviews on his business and took a chance on calling him.

Keith came to my house on a Sunday afternoon and worked his Jedi magic. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

He actually seemed to enjoy working his way through the errors I had made.

He taught me how to enter future data, correct errors, print reports and manage categories.

He was professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend him and will use him again for other aspects of our business and personal needs."

"I wish I would have contacted Keith last year when I was setting up my company file. By this year I was really confused with the numbers in the reports, as I don't have an accounting background some things didn't make sense to me.

Well I read about what Keith specializes in and I thought "It is like he knows what's happening to me" I liked the part of teaching how to fish since I'm the kind of person who wants to know why? and how the things are done.

I e-mailed him my general concern and he was very wise asking me a detailed list of matters that I was experiencing with the program so when he came over we both had a picture of what our session was going to be about."

As some other persons mention his methodical way of working and his empathy for understanding where I was standing helped very much to go through all the issues I had created during the year and to conclude a very productive work session.

I finally understood some of the Basic Accounting Concepts that were essential to enter the data into the system, so I appreciate his practical sense to make this happen.

Other remarkable thing is the detailed description on his invoice, it is so valuable as notes are and not just a way to charge for the time he spent; now a days is not so common to get that from a service provider."

"Keith is the master, takes his time to do it right, points out more things i should be doing to track transactions. My accountant loves the clean precise reports we get. I wish i could retain all the help he gives during his visits. I take notes now. You will not be disappointed.

If you are setting up a business you need this guy, He will get your Quickbooks up and running correctly. Dont trust your accountant to do it. I have found most accountants are good at numbers, not quickbooks. Keith is Quickbooks."

"To put this in the right perspective you should know that I owned a consulting business that included a staff of 10 technical consultants and was a widely published author and speaker in the computer hardware and software industries.

So I speak with the perspective of both an industry authority and very happy customer.

Keith's service and work are spectacular. He is far better than the Intuit specialists I have wasted time with over the more than a decade of problems with their products. I highly recommend him.

Economically speaking his cost is insignificant compared to your opportunity cost when you waste hours ... trying to do it yourself. I was at his side for the more than 7 hours that he toiled on my Quicken problems. He wasted no time, showed me what to do to prevent it from being an issue again, and ended up totally solving that problem.

Many days after, I had an unrelated Quicken problem. I left Keith a voicemail. It was a Saturday. Never-the-less, he rapidly called me back Without hesitation he spent much time analyzing and then solving the printing problem by advising me to get a free PDF printer that would allow me to accomplish my goals.

You should also know that his standard follow up is excellent. A few days after he finished my original work, I received a very comprehensive report that documented and explained everything that had transpired."

Names of customers who wrote these reviews available upon request or a link to the original post where the review first appeared.